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Reality Check webkin (95/100)

A) Profile:
1. Bio (max of 10 points)
Is it original? Does it reflect the users personality? Is it colored or just basic?
The Bio is really nice. It has a lot of nice little pieces of info to read. It isn't colored but it is original. (10/10)

2. Contacts (max of 10 points)
Does the user have an email you can contact them through? Messangers? If yes how many?
Does the user have a website? Are the comments in their journal open (not friends only) so you can contact them?
Ellen has 2 messangers, an email, and a webpage you can contact her through. She has disabled anonymous posting but I don't blame her for that. (8/10)

3. Interests (max of 10 points)
Do they have more than a couple of interests?
Ellen has 122 interest listed (10/10)

4. Communities (max of 10 points)
Are they a member of a lot of communities?
yes she is and she has a lot of them she moderates(10/10)

5. User pics (max of 10 points)
Do they have more than one? Are they a variety? Are they customed or boring?
(Here are the # of user pics for each type of livejournal account....
Free = 3, Early Adopter = 6, Paid = 10, Permanent = 15)
She has 8 of 10 pics. A lot of variety. Some are customed. Nice too see that she has icons of herself and her boyfriend. (8/10)

Total Points for Profile = ( 46 out of 50 )

1. Posting (max of 10 points)
How often does this person post? Is it too little? Is it too much? Are their too many breaks between times of posting?
Ellen posts 2 - 7 times a day. It is really not too much or too little. There are not a lot of breaks but that is good :) (9/10)

2. Punctuation/Spelling/Capitalization (max of 2 points)
Does the user have good Spelling? Did they capitalize when they should? Do they use punctuation when they should? Points off for writing like this (mY J0uRNaL RaWkZ)
Everything is perfect as far as all of this goes! (2/2)

3. Content
a. Length (max of 7 points)
Are the posts too long? too short? or just right?
They are all just right (7/7)

b. Flow (max of 7 points)
Is the users journal hard to read or is it easy to follow?
It is very easy to read. (7/7)

c. Depth and Meaning (max of 7 points)
Does the user post significant things about themselves? Do they ramble about and post quizzes
only? Are their post superficial? Or do they have variety of things?
Ellen posts a lot of variety of things. Really nice to see. Most of her posts are very in depth about how she feels (7/7)

d. Clarity (max of 7 points)
Is the journal easy to understand? Can you pick up the journal from where it is or do you feel
lost and confused?
Very easy to understand and read. You feel like a part of her world. (7/7)

4. Customization (max of 10 points)
(NO POINTS COUNTED OFF FOR TYPE OF ACCOUNT YOU HAVE) is the journal customized? Have they changed the comment links? Background? Are the colors easy to read or do they clash and make the journal hard on the eyes? Does the customization fit the user and the journal?
Journal is customized. She has a nice background and the colors go well together. Everything fits this journal perfectly. Comments are customized. The whole journal fits Ellen's personality. (10/10)
Total Points for Journal = (49 out of 50 )

Total for Entire Bio and Journal = (95 out of 100)

The only thing I really counted off for was the fact you dont have all the user pics you can have. Girl I know you got pics that you can are a gorgeous lady...make some more! I wanna see that Ellen Smile!!!!!!!


100 - Perfect!
99-89 - A - Great Journal. Some MINOR flaws but overall it rocks!
88-79 - B - Good journal. Needs a little work...but still good to read.
78-69 - C - Average Journal. Needs a lot of work but has a lot of potential
68-51 - D - Fair Journal. Needs a lot of work
50 and below - F - bad Journal. NEEDS SO MUCH WORK you can't stand to look at it.
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Thanks very much hun!!! :) hehe